How to find out your size!



Lets go! With bras you need to determine two different sizes for yourself:

a) You need to first determine your back size e.g.,28,30,32

b) Your cup size e.g. A,B,C



Step 1: Lets find out your back size!

  • Stand in front of a full length mirror, with your bra on and no top. With your bra at the loosest setting on the hook and eye. Check that it sits in a straight line all the way around your rib cage. 
  • You should be able to put two fingers underneath your bra band and it should in a straight horizontal line.
  • Put your arms up! Have a dance. See how it sits now. Your bra band should still sitting nice and straight.


Things to look out for:

  • If your back size of your bra is too big, it will ride up at the back. 
  • If it rides up a lot, e.g. into your shoulder blades it is most likely you need a back size two sizes smaller (so go down from a 34 to a 30 bra size)


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  • If your can grab/ pull the bra band away from your back. It is too loose. 


  • If you can’t fit two fingers under the bra band, then it is too tight and you should go up a size.


A handy tip! For girls developing it is ok to go to the tightest hook in the beginning. This will provide a longer fitting life for our bras.


Another handy tip! When you go up a bra band size you will need to go down a cup size to keep the same amount of room for you breast in the bra. For example- if you were a 32C, but from the above questions you realised you were actually a 34 back size, then you would need a 34B to fit correctly on your back and also your cup size.


Yes you guessed it, the opposite is true of when you go down a back size. So if you were originally wearing a 34C, but then realised you were a 32 back size. Then you should buy a 32D bra. If you go down two back sizes then increase your cup size by two.


Step 2- Let’s look at those bra straps.


  • The bra straps should sit in the middle of your shoulders. The adjustable straps should only be at halfway.


Psst! the bra band should provide the main source of support. The straps are simply extra support.


Things to look out for:

  • If you’re straps are digging into your shoulders (leaving indents or ridges in your shoulders)or falling off your shoulders then your bra is too big. 
  • Once you have fully tightened the straps and it still occurs, then the back of the bra is most likely to be  two sizes too big.
  • Remember that when you go down a back size you need to go up a cup size!


Handy Hint! For teen girls its ok to have the straps on the tightest setting when you first buy the bra. This provides growth room!



Step 3- Time to look at things straight on!

  • Take a look in the mirror, facing straight on. Look at the centre of the bra - the piece that joins the two pieces cups of the bra together. If you are in the correct cup size it should sit flat against your chest.


  • If it is sitting forward or sticking out, then you are in a cup size too small. So go up one cup size, but keep the back size (32,34) the same.


Step 4 – Figure out those cups!


  • Again face the mirror straight on. Check how your breasts fill the cup of your bra. 


  • If you are in the correct cup size then you should fill the cup with no gaps or overspill.
  • If your breasts spill out the top or at the sides of the bra then your cup size is too small. 


Helpful hint! Check the bra cup line when you are wearing a t shirt. It should be smooth with no extra bulges.


  • If the cup fabric wrinkles then check the bra band is the correct size by pulling it taught like in step 1.
  • If the bra band is correct then go down one cup size.


Step 5 - Check the underwire!


  • This is only relevant for underwired styles. If you’re not sizing yourself for underwired styles then skip this step!


  • Look in the mirror and check where the underwire sits on your breast. You can check it is in the correct place by pushing against it. If correct it should feel hard to touch. If it is in the wrong place it will feel squishy and this is being pushed against the breast tissue.
  • If it feels squishy you need to increase the cup size.


  • So to summarise, you entire breast tissue should be encased by the wire and that it should feel hard to push.



And that’s it! See it’s as simple as that. Now go get the right bra and see what a difference it makes!



Oh and a final tip! If you measure yourself and are between cup or back size, go for the larger size as this will give you a bit of growing room and a longer life to our bras!



For any further queries please do contact us, we love to chat bras!