How We Give!

At Taylor + Rani We believe that beauty is more then skin-deep. 
We believe that everyone should be given an education. 
We are the sisterhood that helps out other sisters.
Through your purchases with us, you are creating help.
We have a team that researches how we work with each charity partner to find the best way that we can provide help in a sustainable manner. 

We are currently partnering with a charity that works in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Sierra Leone to help girls stay in education longer. Young girls in that part of the world often miss out on completing their education due to lack of access to toilets and/or sanitary products. Purchases of our bras provides equipment and support to make this happen.

For every pair of knickers purchased we donate a pair of knickers, for every bra or other product such as a scrunchie purchased, we give a monetary donation which goes towards the building of separate girls toilets at schools and to provide sanitary products for girls so that they do not have to halt their education on hitting puberty. 

Its true! Without your help we wouldn't be able to do nearly as much!
Together , we can make change!
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