How often do I need to get fitted?

As you grow up and make your way through life you change and so does your body. Whether you’re considering your first bra or replacing existing ones, sizing changes so frequently that we recommend a fitting every six months. T+R can build the routine for you, we offer handy fitting reminder schedules. Simply opt in! 


A poorly fitting bra can cause a large amount of damage. It can put extra strain on on your lymph nodes and can cause your breasts to drop from an early age. Good supporting bras from an early stage does work to preventing this


Am I wearing the correct size?


Here are three handy questions you can answer yourself to check whether you are due for a fitting.


Do this simple check after you have been wearing your bra for a half day or so.Stand side on and look in a mirror. 


  1. a) Does the back of your bra sit higher than the front of the bra?
  2. b) Does the underwire sit outside of the breast tissue? 
  3. c) c) Do your breasts spill out over the top of your bra cup? 


 If you said yes to any of these questions then you’re wearing the wrong size.  To put in simply: 

  1. a) Your bra should sit in a straight horizontal line, front to back. 
  2. b) It should also sit outside of the breast tissue without squeezing or pushing it.
  3. c) Your breasts should also not spill out over the top of the cup but should be encased snugly without producing the dreaded ‘four boob’ effect.


 But fear not, you’re in the right place. T+R is here to help!